Why I Cherish Kapalua

A Review Covering Life in Kapalua & the Advantages of Visiting Kapalua Bay

Bob Michaelson

Contributing Editor / Consultant, MGI

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Kapalua Golf Villas – Typical Sunset!

Intro – We leased a 3 bedroom Kapalua Golf Villa / Condo for about 18 months. The ocean view was great, plus the golf course next to the villa was like having a huge back lawn to enjoy, without the mowing. It’s also fun to watch the golfers; one time, during a heavy rain shower, we saw 2 guys having a big argument on the course. We guessed they were brothers, because who else would argue about golf?!
Privacy at the Golf Villas also made us feel like we were in our own home; we had ample space for visitors and the lanai was near neighboring lanais, but far enough away that we felt comfortable hanging out there. We could walk to Kapalua Bay, which is still one of my favorite beaches on Maui.
Kapalua Bay only has one drawback: parking. But an easy way around that it to park across the street from the main lot, just below Pineapple Grill restaurant, near the tennis courts. It’s a lot easier than waiting for a spot in the beach lot; one simply parks in the ample available spots below the restaurant and walks across the street, down the stairs to the great beach. Kapalua Bay has a lawn area behind the sandy area, so that’s a great option to choose to stay clean and avoid the crowds (during the summer or Spring Break time).
There’s a breakwater protecting the small bay, so the water is usually calm. It’s also clear water so it’s good for snorkeling or simply swimming and watching for tropical fish. Once in a while I’ve seen turtles come right up to the shore and take a break there. Inevitably a crowd gathers around to see the turtle, which is fine as long as the turtle is not totally surrounded and feels blocked in.
I like Kapalua, the town, condos, and atmosphere in general, better than other exclusive areas like Wailea. It’s more of a “small town” rural feel, as compared to the atmosphere in Wailea. The latter is more of a fancy resort feeling, with a golf course next to big resorts, like the Four Seasons, Grand Wailea and Fairmont/Kea Lani. Kea Lani is a favorite place to stay, but the area is full of shops and resorts. Kapalua is more rustic and the golf courses & resorts (such as the Ritz Carleton) are mostly set back from the ocean.
Overall Kapalua is a great place to visit or live long-term!
Note – Bob is a marketing specialist for Kapalua Realty, not an agent & not a golfer.

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