We’re Like You, International in Outlook


Maui pulses with international visitors and residents.

Kapalua Realty reflects these trends.


For example, we have an agent who speaks Japanese. (私達は日本語を話します.) See Kimi’s bio on our Realty Group Page


One support staff member is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. (我们讲中国普通话)


And a broker speaks Afrikaans (colonial Dutch), Punjabi, Hindi and understands a smattering of German!


Our website visitors show this trend as well; we get virtual visitors from all over the world, as this map shows. The blue dots represent search engine “bots” & the amber dots represent human visitors! We see a great deal of interest from Europe and East Asia.

international outlook - visitors map Kapalua Realty international scope emphasis global

This means, if you list with Kapalua Realty, you’ll potentially be seen by many international prospects.


Recent combined data of interesting overseas visitors…updated 1/23/18

This screenshot was taken from our administrative module so you can see that we get a very geographically diverse group of visitors.

visitor-list-11-4-16-intl Sampling of Visitors, 11/4/16 International China, Canada, France, Brasil

Sampling of Visitors, 11/4/16


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