King Kamehameha Parade, Lahaina – Paʻu Riders Video

King Kamehameha Parade, Lahaina – Paʻu Riders Video

Held on Front Street in Lahaina, the King Kamehameha Parade reflects small town excitement and Hawaiian cultural traditions! Each island of Hawaii sends a Princess, denoted by color, who’s an expert rider. The tradition of Hawaiian women on horseback with flowing gowns is called Wahine Holo Lio, (Women Riding Horses) and the women are called Paʻu riders.

Held in mid-June each year, the next parade is the weekend of June 11th, 2017. Similar parades are held annually in Honolulu and around the state. While you watch our video, crank the sound up after the first few seconds!

See a detailed history here.

Kamehameha Day Parade Lahaina, King Kamehameha Parade

Pink is the color worn by Maui riders – Photo Credit – Wikipedia Commons