Maui Facts and a Pinch of Opinion

Maui Facts and a Pinch of Opinion

  • The next time someone tells you “Maui is a small island” remind them Maui’s bigger than Oahu.

    During many parts of the year there are more visitors on Maui than residents.

  • Traffic – heavy traffic on Maui isn’t much compared to US west coast cities but it can be a drag. Some routes don’t have alternate options, for example the “Pali” between OGG and Lahaina (more specifically between Maalaia and Olowalu.

  • “Bypass” highways are wonderful…Kihei, Lahaina, OGG Airport…all have alternate routes / newer highways.

  • From Makawao take Baldwin Ave. to Paia instead of backtracking to a main highway.

  • HS sports are huge in Hawaii, especially football and baseball; Baldwin HS of Maui won the state baseball championship in 2016 and Maui High won this year! Track & Field is also big. Many Oahu football games are on TV. An odd fact: on basic cable, Channel 12 is called OC16 and channel 16 is too.

  • Gossip is called “talking stink” about someone.

  • Someone who’s not great at their job is called “a corn beef xyz” for example, a corn beef dentist should be avoided.

  • Try to learn some Hawaiian and some pidgin while on Maui; everyone learns “Mahalo” – show your expertise by saying “Mahalo nui loa” – thanks very much!

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